Feature Article

Islam Is Life


A feature article I wrote a few years back for kinki Magazine in Zurich, portraying Muslims from several countries living in different areas of Switzerland.


This was one of the most rewarding projects I was ever part of, leaving me with 9 pages that remind me of how important it is to listen to stories from all sides to get the full picture. I spent a few months interviewing, transcribing and pulling my hair out - and I still love the result. Almost a decade later this is still a very current topic in Switzerland... and globally.

Unfortunately this was never translated, so this is only for the German speakers among you. My original title before proofreading which I think still fits better: FREMDE IN DER HEIMAT - STRANGERS AT HOME.

Click the image & turn to page 20 to start reading.

Magazine design by the kinki redaktion, photographs by Sandi Kozjek