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Over the last three years I have successfully run a branding and illustration business, and I am now transitioning back into the workforce - to bring my skills and experience to a company that is changing how we interact with the world.

A section within "The Most Important Design Jobs Of The Future" by Fast Company describes the position made for me:


The Conductor

Nominated by Bill Buxton, principal researcher, Microsoft Research

Design has typically been preoccupied with creating new instruments. However, however wonderful any one of those instruments might be, the true potential is only realized when they play well together—essentially as one. [...] It is the Conductor who carries the responsibility for the design of those relationships and ensuring that their collective value significantly exceeds the sum of their individual values, and their cumulative complexity is significantly less than the sum of their individual complexities.


Today, I see myself as an account or project manager: holding the big picture while making all elements & relationships of a project run smoothly, adapting to changes as they hit, and building new systems if necessary.


Are we on

Common Ground?




  • You are an active part of a mature and sustainable future, and have a strong ethical backbone.
  • You like thinking outside the box, are open to change and challenging the status quo.
  • Your people are the greatest asset of your company, you offer acknowledgment and growth opportunities to your employees.
  • Your vision and goals are clear and your people know where they fit into them.
  • Your company culture is based on open minds, emotional intelligence, and FUN!



  • Equal parts strategic & creative.
  • Able to see global patterns as well as details that need to be addressed. My friends call me a 'systems nerd'
  • I thrive in complexity: making relationships - between humans or elements of a system - work seamlessly is my jam.
  • I can't wait to be part of a team again! I miss the joy of working with and around people.
  • Colabora Collective is my brand & business consultation gig which will keep running on the side, the ethical move the expression of my passion for a new, equal marketplace.

Kudos from

My People

I call Alice the architect of my imagination. She sees what other people don’t see. She is brilliant.
Have no hesitation about hiring Alice, she will work so hard for you, and just be an exceptional relationship for you to have as an ally and a partner in your business.
Alice is a visual and design genius with an uncommon (and much needed!) view on branding and marketing in the modern world.
A bright, lively intensity enters the room with Alice that gives me renewed energy and courage to think brand new thoughts. In her presence it is easy to broaden my horizon, release any heaviness and become wide open with new possibilities.