Living Brands

Brand Coaching & Design by Alice Karolina


Business, for heart-centred, conscious entrepreneurs, is never just business. It’s your creative outlet, your contribution to society, your source of excitement and energy.

And because it's not just any business, you can't settle for just any brand.


Your brand needs to be alive.


A living, breathing expression of you.


A living brand


Imagine the growth of a tree.


A tree doesn't start with shiny leaves and pretty blossoms. It starts below ground.

A brand that is deeply rooted in your purpose can weather storms, adapt and grow with you. It becomes a solid presence in your work, a place where you can drop the hustle and reconnect to the deep meaning behind what you are creating.

If you give it room to breathe, it will surprise you with a rich universe, teeming with creativity & magic.

All it needs is time and care to grow.

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Alice is a visual and design genius with an uncommon - and much needed! - view on branding in the modern world. Her work is for people who are ready to get really, really real with themselves.

Hi, I'm Alice

I believe your brand already exists inside you.. it just requires the right environment to flourish - in other words, the right partnership.


Work with me

Coaching & Design


Co-creation is the most powerful way to unlock creativity and get to the heart of your business. 

Rather than handing your work over to a designer, you’re a part of the process, every step of the way. Together, we'll journey through your truth & imagination and give your message a place to live.

From there, your brand will become second nature.

Alice will take your vision from the somewhat foggy depths of your mind & breathe life into your brand. She is pure magic & I can guarantee you will never have as impactful a business heart-to-heart as you will with her.




Distill your business into one brilliant, crystal clear essence & walk away in awe of the promise it holds.




From your Essence, we grow your brand.

Get in touch to find out what Brand Coaching & Design services best match your needs.

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Looking for something more?

Inquire about partner packages for copy, pr, creative coaching, back end integration, etc.

Alice is a genius architect for brands & businesses who know there’s more to it than sales & visually stimulating design. You will instantly feel at ease with her & you can let your mind run wild because she’ll meet you wherever you might be and then bring far-off thoughts & ideas to the now totally possible table.