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Could You Sell Without Manipulation?

Photo by  Jairo Alzate  on  Unsplash

Photo by Jairo Alzate on Unsplash


What I am about to say will not sit well with many online entrepreneurs.

  • I am well-versed in the language of manipulation.
  • I know which pair of jeans on a wall of seven will make the most sales.
  • I know what colour laundry detergent should be to create that ‘clean’ feeling.
  • I know exactly how wide an aisle in a clothing store should be (not too cramped) so you want to walk in to look at clothes, but not linger (not too wide) so you keep buying.
  • I know that spraying the right scent in a boutique entices people to buy.
  • I know that if you price your product at $297 instead of $300, you will make more sales.
  • I know that a cute puppy will make you more likely to click on an article.

There is a science behind how people buy and it has permeated everything we touch, to the point where we can’t tell anymore what is a conscious choice and what we are driven to do subconsciously.

At the same time, buyers are told that if they make the right choices about what they buy, they are creating a more ethical and sustainable society.

Perpetuating sales tactics that are keeping buyers weak, and then placing the burden of ‘making a difference’ on them, is …the kind of thing a bully would do.

It’s time we realize that we — online entrepreneurs — are part of the problem.

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