Make something

By Hand

by hand

This is a reminder to myself that anytime I get stuck creatively ..which is a LOT, btw.. I have to go make something with my hands. Get away from a keyboard or 'research' and just draw/write/play by hand.

I don’t know if there are studies on this (I am NOT going to research it), but I believe that different parts of the brain get activated when we use our hands.

It’s an underlying current that we don’t have access to any other way.

And don’t get stopped by thinking you’re not capable of making things by hand ..write your signature or the name of your firstborn or the fears about the thing you’re making.

Give the fears a colour, and let’er rip.

As long as it is analog.

Yesterday, I was scared that I won’t ever finish my website. Then I drew this. Now I have ideas. Simple.