Karolina LOGO


Karolina window

THE KAROLINA is a large boutique hotel located in Charleston, South Carolina, designed for Eco conscious families and groups that want to connect to each other without online interference. The Karolina is created to make guests feel completely submerged in nature.

LOCAL & ORGANIC All products made, planted or sold in The Karolina are sourced from the hotel gardens or locally in and around Charleston.

ECOLOGICAL The hotel will hold LEED Platinum status with Petal Recognition, ultimately striving to hold the Living Building Challenge certification within a few years when the gardens and water systems have proven themselves. Entertainment will rely on a minimum of modern technology. Any fixtures and appliances used for the daily running of the hotel are as energy efficient as currently available.



THE BRANDING of The Karolina is based on the three-leaf shape mixed with the geometric shapes of prisms reflecting light, which are present throughout the hotel.

EACH SPACE of The Karolina has it’s own logo reflecting the prisms of the overall branding. Colours of the interior areas are used in the individual branding to differentiate from the main logo.



ARCHITECTURE The hotel structure is built on the basis of a three-leaf clover, in a cheeky way saying there is no need for the fourth to feel content.

THE KAROLINA is a living organism, with grass, trees and fresh flowers everywhere. Each space has its own specific flora, highlighting the uniqueness of the design.

DAYLIGHT is brought in through shafts that connect the ground floor to the glass roof. At night, LED lanterns will be in the hands of guests, creating a feeling of being essential to keeping the hotel alive. The crystal pendants in the stairwells that refracted light during the day are now lit from within.

WOOD & STONE are used for flooring and furniture, cooling the glass structure and enhancing the barefoot feeling.