jody cooks well

Brand Strategy + Identity

2 months coaching and collaboration


+ Visual identity

+ Illustration

+ Collateral

Alice is a delightful person to bounce ideas off of! She helped focus my very open and ADD brain so we could mold some essential pieces of my business. I felt welcomed to share ideas and receive inspirations. I really liked how excited Alice got over talking about my business, the logo, and colours. It made me feel at ease and helped me continue exploring it further. I might have turned and run in the other direction with a scary, steel, and concrete crew of people who don’t know me and understand my sometimes vibrant ways of doing things.

Now I’ve CREATED A BUSINESS. It hasn’t gone sideways! I also have two of the most beautiful vegetable drawings that my people LOVE! Alice planted a beautiful seed for this amazing, scary, beautiful, nerve racking, joyous work.
concept board