Are we on

Common Ground?




  • You are an active part of a mature and sustainable future, and have a strong ethical backbone.
  • You like thinking outside the box, are open to change and challenging the status quo.
  • You believe in a holistic approach, where disciplines are not isolated, but work together to achieve the best results. 
  • Your people are the greatest asset of your company, you offer acknowledgment and growth opportunities to your employees.
  • Your vision and goals are clear and your people know where they fit into them.
  • Your company culture is based on open minds, emotional intelligence, and FUN!



  • Equal parts strategic + creative.
  • Able to see global patterns as well as details that need to be addressed. My friends call me a 'systems nerd'.
  • I thrive in complexity: making relationships - between humans or elements of a system - work seamlessly is my jam.
  • I can't wait to be part of a team again! I miss the joy of working with and around people.
  • Colabora Collective is a creative collaboration platform/community for social change that I am co-building.
  • The ethical move is the expression of my passion for a new and equal marketplace, aiming to abolish psychological sales tactics.